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Customers Management

How to use Manage Subscriber Groups?

Grouping subscriber can help you manage newsletter in a better fashion. It can help you avoid sending the same email to customer twice. Creating a group   1. Go to Customers 2. Click on Subscribers 3. Select MANAGE SUBSCRIBER GROUPS     4. Click on Create New Group     5. Type in Group Name […]

How to Create Customer Custom Field?

If you wish to collect more customer information, custom field is the answer. This custom field will create more fields on sign up form to gather more detail about customer.   1. Go to Customers (Main). 2. Click on Customers (Sub). 3. Select MANAGE CUSTOM FIELDS.     4. Click on Add.     5. […]

How to Let Your Customers Checkout As Guest?

Your webShaper store is designed to help optimize the checkout experience for your customers. So, you can let them checkout even if they are not your existing customers. The Order Settings in your webShaper control panel allows you to select whether you would like customers to be able to checkout without creating an account. To allow guest […]

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