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How to Edit Dusk Template?

  The Dusk template home page consist of the following sections: Header: How to Edit Header? Slideshow: How to Change Slideshow?  Best Deals: How to Edit Best Deals Section? Boxes: Continue reading to learn how.  Featured Products: How to Add Featured Product? Footer: How to Edit Footer?        This tutorial will focus on how to edit the boxes section […]

How to Edit Footer?

You can edit your website footer to include any information that you want your customers to see. The image below shows all the information (Information section, Contact Us section, Follow Us section and Copyright section) that you will be able to edit yourself.       So, how can you do that? Go to Design. Click on […]

How to Create A Static Page?

So, what is a static page? A static page is a webpage where its contents are constant or unchanged. You will need static pages like About Us, Contact Us, Return & Refund Policy, Shipping Policy and etc in order for your website to be more trustworthy. Your customers will want to know these information before […]

How to Change Product Slideshow? (for Old Templates)

Product slideshow on your homepage is something that will catch the attention of your customers since it is always the first thing they see. It is big enough for them to see all your store latest promotions or happenings – hence, you should always keep your slideshow updated.

How to Edit Header?

You can edit your website header to only include tabs that you want your customers to see. So, how can you do that?

How to Edit Left Bar?

Instead of putting all your tabs in your website header, you can opt to put them in your left bar. This way, your website won’t look so crowded with to many tabs. You can easily edit your left bar – just watch our video tutorials to learn how.

How to Create Image Link?

Wanna direct customers to another page? You can add an image of your Facebook page and use a link to direct customers to your Facebook page when they clicks on the image. Here’s how to do it.

How to Embed YouTube Video?

You can Embed a YouTube video to go along with your products to better show them. Follow the steps to learn how: Step 1: How to get the embedding code for the video 1.  Under the YouTube video, click Share 2.  Click Embed 3.  Copy all the code in the text box   Step 2: Inserting […]

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