How To Set Product Discount?

Before do any changes on applying discount for your product item, please make sure that you have sync your product successfully into the marketplace. This is the example of a product with a normal price, without any discount inside a marketplace, Lelong.my.     Please follow the step by step instructions for you to know […]

How To Organize Images Based On Your Preferences In Marketplace?

For you to make your images more organize according to your preference inside the marketplace, please take note that you can push a number of images that can be up to 7 in Lazada, 4 in Lelong, 4 in 11street and 10 in Shoppu.   This tutorial is only for Lazada, but please take note […]

How to Not Display Price in Lelong?

Whenever price is not defined in Lelong, Contact Seller button will be displayed. Example below:     To achieve this is really simple. Here are all the steps, let’s begin:   1. Go to Marketing 2. Click on Marketplace 3. Select Lelong 4. Select Sync Product Items 5. Select Price on product you want   […]

When do you have to re-sync products to marketplaces?

When to re-sync products to marketplaces?   webShaper only sync full product information for the 1st time (then both Inventory and Pricing will be sync automatically after 1st product sync.)   Therefore, any subsequent changes on products information like description, long description etc (on webShaper), users will need to manually select and re-sync it.     […]

How to apply for Lelong webStore (PLUS)?

To apply for Lelong webStore PLUS, please follow the steps below: 1) Sign up a Lelong ID at http://members.lelong.com.my/auc/registration/redir.asp?f=ws&package=2   2) Then apply for netpay (Lelong Payment Gateway) http://www.netpay.my/ Download the application form https://www.netpay.my/web/Download/NetpayAppForm.pdf   3) Also please attached all the documents needed (depends on either you apply under Personal Account or Company Account) for […]

How to get Lelong API?

You can login to your Lelong webstore control panel to request for API if you fulfilled below 3 criterias. – Account type is Lelong Webstore Plus – Integrated with Netpay payment service – Enrolled Lelong.my Transaction Fee / Lelong eCampaign (LEC)   1) Login to your Lelong Control Panel, click on My Profile > API Setting […]

How to Sync Your webShaper Store with Lelong?

Let’s get Started! This option will allow you to sell your products through your webStore and Lelong marketplace! Please follow the step by step instructions. This feature is only available for sohoStore or bizStore users, who are also Lelong WebStore Plus users. Step 1: Obtaining the API from your Lelong Account Step 2: Mapping your webShaper Categories to […]

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