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How to Cross-Sell Your Products?

Go to Product. Click on your product item that you wish to cross-sell. Click on Edit and then click on Related Product Items. Under Add New Related Product Item, select the items that you wish to add to cross sell with the product item. Click Save.

How to Apply Label to Your Products?

You can easily label your products as Hot Item, Pre-order, Best Selling, New and etc. To do that: Go to Product. Click on Manage Labels and you will see all the preset labels. If you wish to add your own label, click on Create and enter your Label Name and Insert Image. Now, you will need […]

How to Categorise Products Based on Price?

Some shoppers like to shop by price – so why not let them do so in your webstore? You will only have to create some quick links to give them a better shopping experience.   Go to Settings. Click on Price Range. Define your price range for Price Range and click Add New Price Range. […]

How to Offer Special Deal & Discount?

You can also create special deals and discount for your store to attract more customers.   Go to Marketing. Click on Specials. Click Add Product. Select the product items that you would like to have as Specials. Check Yes for Active field in order for it to appear on your website. If No is checked, […]

How to Offer Bulk Discount?

You can encourage your customers to buy more using Quantity Discount. This is what wholesaler are looking for. So how do set them up?   Go to Marketing. Click on Bulk Disc. Under Manage Quantity Discount by Product, click on Create Qty Discount and select your product item that you would like to give bulk discount […]

How to Create Discount Code?

In case you would like to run a promotion just like any physical shop, you can do it too on your webstore to boost sales. To do that:   Go to Marketing. Click on Disc Code. Under Manage Discount Code, click on Create Discount Code. Under New Discount Code, enter your Discount Name and set […]

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