Order Management

How To Export Orders?

Export Orders is use for merchant to view their order details in certain amount of time in .csv file.   1. Go to your webShaper store control panel. 2. Click Orders. 3. Click View Orders.     4. Choose which order status you want to export using the drop down Filter By button. They are: […]

How To Process Incomplete Orders?

This tutorial will teach you how to process your Incomplete Order Status from Incomplete -> Pending. 1.  Go to Orders. 2. Click View Orders. 3. Select an Order, that is Incomplete. Or you can search at the Filter By drop down menu.     4. Click View. 5. On the View Order Status, click Edit. 6. On the drop […]

How to edit Order Details for Processed Order?

What should you do when customer want to change product when the order is already processed? In simple word, you have to cancel the order, reset the order and change the order details.   Here is the steps on how to do that.   1. Go to Orders 2. Click on View Orders 3. Click […]

How to Set Printer for Consignment Note?

Setting printer is always challenging. We try our best to cover all of possible situations in this tutorial. Before start, please check for the biggest paper size that your printer capable of. If you have no idea about that, you can simply count marks on your printer where you insert paper. Starting from 0 and every mark […]

New SMS service with Twilio

As a merchant it is important for you to keep updating your customers about their order status, and the best way to do so is via SMS. webShaper is giving you a new SMS service provider (Twilio) to make this process easier for you! Here are the steps to activate this service: Step 1 : […]

How to Process Pending Orders?

This tutorial will teach you how to change your Order Status from Pending –> Processed. 1.  Go to Orders. 2. Click View Orders. 3. Select an Order, that is Pending. You are now going to edit this order.     4. On the order, click Edit. 5. On the drop down menu, click Update Order […]

How to your Delete Orders?

webShaper allows you to delete orders at two particular times:   when the order has been left incomplete by the user when the order has been cancelled by you.   Understanding what makes an Order Incomplete? An Order is incomplete when customer doesn’t finish the entire transaction, meaning, they don’t get to the confirmation stage […]

Understanding How to Work with your Orders

Understanding your Order Status When it comes to the order status, the list below shows what the Order Status is at any given time: Pending: You haven’t received your Offline Payment. Processed: You have received Payment, either Offline or Online but Shipping has not taken place yet. Shipped: This is when Payment has been Processed, and the item […]

How to Handle Mail & Telephone Order?

If your customers do not like the idea of online payment, you can set up manual order to capture any offline order such as Mail Order and Telephone Order.   If you were to accept offline orders from your customers, these are the details that you will have to get from them: Customer’s Name Email […]

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