How to Add Facebook Like Box to your Store ?

Facebook like box allows your customer to like your page directly from your store. It is an easy way to help you build your customer base.   Note: It is a good practice to back up coding before edit   1. Go to Facebook Developer (Page Plugin) 2. Configure your like box as you like […]

How to Add Zopim Online Chat to Your webShaper Store?

If you would like to have an online chat with customers who are browsing your webStore, you can try Zopim Live Chat. It is  FREE to sign up! And best of all, it helps to improve your webStore’s customer service. Just follow these steps to install Zopim Live Chat in your website.   1. Go to Zopim […]

How to Integrate Your webShaper Store with QuickBooks?

What is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is a set of software solutions that are designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. It helps small business owners stay organized. QuickBooks is compatible with all your devices, and provides an easy setup for small businesses.   What can QuickBooks do for you? With […]

How to Clear Browser Cache

You can delete your browser cache by following the steps. In this tutorial we will be covering cache deleting for the following web browsers: Google Chrome Safari Mozilla Firefox IE Google Chrome 1. On the right hand corner look for the Settings. 2. Then go to More Tools 3. Follow to Clear Browsing Data   […]

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