How to Crop the Image using Microsoft Paint?

This tutorial will teach you to crop image using Microsoft Paint. Follow the steps below:   1. Open Microsoft Paint.     2. Click Resize.   3. Tick on Pixels.     4. Untick Maintain aspect ratio. 5. Insert 1000 (number) in Horizontal and Vertical. 6. Click OK.     7. Go to your Desktop. 8. Right click on […]

How To Clear Cache Or Browsing Data?

Clearing the cache or browsing data in a browser helps fix some issues such as partially loaded or badly formatted web pages and incomplete pictures. It helps pages load faster, thus make it easier for you to browse the web.   Click on one of the browser to see how to clear cache and browsing data. […]

How to Add Facebook Like Box to your Store?

Before you proceed with this tutorial, make sure you have add Facebook like, comment and login option inside your webShaper store. You can click here to learn how.   Facebook like box allows your customer to like your page directly from your store. It is an easy way to help you build your customer base.   Note: […]

How to Add Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim Online Chat) to Your webShaper Store?

If you would like to have an online chat with customers who are browsing your webStore, you can try Zendesk Chat. It is FREE to sign up! And best of all, it helps to improve your webStore’s customer service. Just follow these steps to install Zopim Live Chat in your website.   1. Go to Zendesk Chat website […]

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