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Store Details

How to Turn on/off your Store?

Closing store is usually used for vast changes in the store. For example, change a new template design, install new customize function or change price. This turning on/off store helps you prevent error that may occur during changes. Also, maintain reputation by not allowing customer to see store when not ready.   1. Go to […]

How to Round up the Price of your Final Order Value

You can round up your prices for your final order value (2 decimals) to the nearest 5 cents. For example: RM 2.05 becomes RM 2.10 RM 5.03 becomes RM 5.00 Follow the steps to learn how: 1. Go to Settings 2. Click the Currency tab. 3. Check the box where you can round the currency up.     […]

How to Update Company Details?

The next thing you need to do is to prove that you are legit. Hence, you need to update your company details so that customers can contact you.   Fill in all fields that have an asterisk as they’re required. Fields without an asterisk are optional, but some of them are just as important. To update […]

How to Change Company Logo?

Make your website known to your customers, let’s start by uploading a company logo! To put up business logo:   Go to Settings. Click on Company Info. Insert your company logo image in Company Logo.  Important: Before you upload your image, please resize your company logo according to the template logo’s size else it will […]

How to Set Currency?

You can sell worldwide and let customers choose to shop in their local currency. To setup currency for your webShaper store: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Click on Currency.     3. Under Manage Currency Conversion, the Base Currency is the currency that you enter in webShaper (product price, shipping rate and etc.) While Show […]

How to Setup General Shipping Settings?

Go to Settings. Click on Shipping. Under Ship From Address, enter all the fields required – This is used for shipping cost calculation when customer purchase from you. You can further determine which areas are eligible for free shipping. Let’s say you would like to ship only in Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia), you will have to […] Discount Code Discount Code 99papers discount code discount code Discount Code site discount