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How to Edit Product Details?

To edit product SKU, price, weight and stock quantity:   Go to Product. Click on the product that you wish to edit on the left bar to view the product item. Click Edit then Product Item under View Product Item to edit fields like Product Item Name, Category, Keywords, Custom Meta description, Product Type, Short Description, Long […]

How to Create Multiple Categories?

For products to appear on a second category:   Go to Product. Click on the product item that you wish to have a second category. Click Edit and then click Secondary Categories. Select your category. Click Save.

How to Create Custom Field?

To create custom fields (non-standard field) for products:   Go to Product. Click on Manage Custom Fields. Under New Custom Field Details, enter your custom field in Name and click Add New. Once the field that you have just added appear under Current Custom Field, you can edit the custom field value by clicking on […]

How to Allow Product Comparison?

You can let customers add products and compare your products. To do that, you can add a left bar on your website.  

How to Insert File Attachment?

Did you know that you can easily attach files such as brochure, user guide and etc for customers to download on your product page?   Go to Product. Click on File Manager. Under File Manager, click Upload Files and then click on Choose File to upload your file. Click Upload and your file will be uploaded […]

How to Setup Inventory?

It is important to setup your inventory to prevent your customers from buying products that are out of stocks. To setup inventory:   Go to Settings. Click on Inventory. Under Manage Default Inventory Settings, fill in Reorder Level. webShaper system will alert you in the dashboard and send you an email notification if your stock […]

How to Create Product Theme?

Besides grouping your products according to category, you can also group them according to theme. To do that:   Go to Product. Click on Manage Themes. Under Manage Product Themes, click on Create New Theme. Under New Theme Details, enter details for Name, Description and Insert Image for this theme. Click Save. Repeat steps 3 […]

How to Create Product Options?

Products such as smartphones comes in different colours. You can create an option for customers to choose their colours before they checkout. To do that:   Go to Product. Click on Manage Product Options. Under Manage Product Option, click on Create New Option. Under Option Name, enter your option name in Option Name. Choose your […]

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