In order to start receiving payments, you will need to activate 2C2P as a payment gateway option for your customers in webShaper. Before you do so, you have to make some changes to the 2C2P settings.


To apply 2c2p services, you can email them at

You can also send in inquiry here to get more information about 2C2P payment.


Please follow the step by step instructions for you to activate 2C2P Payment Gateway inside webShaper:

Step 1: Register 2C2P Account
Step 2: How To Get Your Merchant ID and Secret Key?
Step 3: Setup 2C2P Inside webShaper Control Panel

Step 1: Register 2C2P Account

1. You need to download merchant agreement here in order to apply the payment services offered in 2C2P.

After you have filled in the agreement form, kindly scan and email to 2C2P sales team at

Below are the mandatory required documents needed along with the agreement form:

i.  FORM 9, 13, 24 and 49 / Section 17, 14, 28
ii. Memorandum & Articles of Association (full set)
iii. Latest 3 months Bank Statement
iv. Company Profile
v. Website Details / Refund Policy

Step 2: How To Get Your Merchant ID and Secret Key?

Merchant ID and Secret Key are needed to activate 2C2P payment gateway on your store.
After your agreement has been approved, you will received email from 2C2P with your login information.
Please go to the portal .
1. Enter your login information and click Login.



2. After you have login into your account, go to Option.

3. You can get your Merchant ID at Merchant Information section.



3. To get your Secret Key (Merchant Authentication Key), scroll down until you see Merchant Keys section.



Step 3: Setup 2C2P Inside webShaper Control Panel

1. At the webShaper control panel, open the Payment section.

2. You have to activate 2C2P payment by click Activate on the Action section.

3. Open Payment Option Manager, choose 2C2P by clicking on its icon. It will redirect you to Manage 2C2P Payment Account.



4. Copy and paste your Merchant ID and Secret Key.

5. Set Live Mode to Yes.

6. Click Activate.



Now your 2C2P payment gateway is activated and customers can use them to checkout product item from your store.