In order to start receiving payments, you will need to activate BillPlz as a payment gateway option for your customers in your webShaper control panel. Before you do so, you will have to make some changes to the BillPlz settings.

To get the Collection ID and API Key, enter BillPlz site:


Please follow the step by step instructions for you to get an account in BillPlz and also the API Key & Collection ID:

Step 1: How To Get Billplz Account At BillPlz Site?
Step 2: How To Get Collection ID & API Key?
Step 3: Setup BillPlz In webShaper Control Panel


Step 1: Get Billplz Account At BillPlz Site

1. If you don’t have an account at BillPlz, please click at the APPLY NOW button. You will get free RM3 credit!


2. Then it will direct you to Registration page where you have to sign up as an Organization or an Individual.

3. Benefit for an organization to be registered and verified is to collect payments via online banking.

4. Meanwhile, for an individual to be registered and verified is to collect payments via PayPal only.

5. Don’t forget to fill up all the details such as Log In, Bank Details and Contact Details.



6. Click Submit if you agreed to Billplz Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

7. If you have already done with registration, click Log In.

8. Enter Email and Password and then click Log In again.



Step 2: Get Collection ID & API Key

1. The first thing you will see when you have BillPlz account is the Billing Dashboard.
2. If you notice, at the left top of the corner, you will see the Select Plan button. In there, you can choose any plan that you want according to your needs. And then click Submit.



3. Then you need to click Create Collection to start sending bills. Usually merchant don’t know what to put as their collection title. We suggest you to put your own company name to make it easier to check the details later when the payment happen inside the store.



4. After you rename your collection on the Billing section, it will show user the Collection ID. Then the user can just straight away copy them from the copy button and paste them to webShaper control panel.



5. To find the API Key, user have go to Setting section and go to Keys & Integration.

6. Choose BillPlz Secret Key. It will show user the API Key. Then the user can just straight away copy them from the BillPlz Secret Key button and paste them to webShaper control panel.



Step 3: Setup BillPlz In webShaper Control Panel

1. Go to webShaper control panel, click the Payment section.

2. And then, you have to Activate Billplz payment on the Action section.

3. Open Payment Option Manager, choose BillPlz by clicking on its icon.

4. On Manage BillPlz Account, you will have to key in the API Key and the Collection ID.

5. Paste the API Key and the Collection ID inside BillPlz setting.

6. Then click Activate button at the bottom and it will proceed user to BillPlz Setting Updated section. And click OK.



Now Billplz gateway payment is ready to use inside your store!

You can also go to BillPlz FAQ for any question or more information about BillPlz.


*Note: This is for Mobile Error Message Alert!

To do a checkout process successfully, make sure that you fill in your Mobile Number according to Mobile Number Format.

For Malaysia, the correct Country Code is (+60).

As example: Mobile Number= 012-2187588 becomes (+60) 122187588.

Click Back button and put the Mobile Number accordingly to the format.