You can encourage your customers to buy more using Quantity Discount. This is what wholesaler are looking for. So how do set them up?


1. Go to Marketing.

2. Click on Bulk Disc.

3. Under Manage Quantity Discount by Product, click on Create Qty Discount and select your product item that you would like to give bulk discount and click Next.

4. Under New Qty Discount Details, choose % for Discount Type if you would like to give your customers a certain percentage of discount.

5. Under New Qty Discount Details, choose Base Price only for Apply Discount To and enter your Qty From , Qty To and Value.


*Note: When you create bulk discount, make sure that if more that two products are located in the same group, the total quantity of discount will be applied for both products. That means if the product are in two different group, the total discount of each group will not be the same. It is also advisable for you to create different quantity discount group for each different product.