In this tutorial, you will learn how to bulk import and/or export your related product item.


1. Go to your webShaper store control panel.

2. Go to Product > Import / Export > Export Products.



3. The mandatory fields to Bulk Export Related Product Item are:

  • SKU: Your product SKU. This uniquely identifies your product.
  • Active: Your product’s status. If ‘Yes’, this product will appear on your website. If ‘No’, this product will be hidden on your website.
  • Related Product Item: Column to fill in your Related Product Item ID.
  • Product Item ID: Your Product Item ID.

4. Click Generate Export File.



5. Right click on the filename link.

6. Click Save link as… and save your text file on your desktop.

7. Click OK.



8. Open your text file in Microsoft Excel.

9. Insert your Related Product Item ID on “Related Product” column.

10.  Change your Worksheet Name to Sheet1.



11. Save your Excel File in .xlsx format.

12. Open your webShaper store control panel > Product > Import / Export > Import Products.



13. Click Choose File to choose file from your desktop. Make sure the file uploaded is in Excel format (.xlsx).

14. Select your excel file with all the product information and select Excel for Type.

15. Choose Option either:

  • Add New Products: If you are adding in new related product item to your online store.
  •  Update Products: If you are updating your related product item to your online store.

16. Click Next.



17. Select Related Product Item on Related Products column.

18. Click Next.



19. Click Next on Import Products page.



20. Done! Now you can check your product related item on Other Selections Available section.