Did you know that you can also upsell your products in your website? For instance, if you are selling iphone, you can suggest them a USB power adapter to your customers too. To do that:


  1. Go to Product.
  2. Click on Manage Product Options.
  3. Under Manage Product Options, click Create New Option.
  4. Under Create New Product Option, enter your option name in Option Name such as USB Power Adapter.
  5. Select Radio Button for Display As.
  6. Enter Attribute Name, Code, Weight and Insert Picture.
  7. To assign the product option that you have just created, click on your product item.
  8. Under View Product Item, click on Options and then click on Manage Products.
  9. Under Manage Product List, click on Product Options and then click on Add New Option.
  10. Select the Product Option that you wanna assign to your product and key in the price difference. Checked all the product oftions that you wanna assign to your product item and click Save.