As a store owner, it’s important to stock your site with attractive merchandise and keep your inventory up to date.


Fill in all fields that have an asterisk as they’re required. Fields without an asterisk are optional, but some of them are just as important. To create new product item:

1. Go to Product.

2. Click Create New Product Item.



3. Give a descriptive product name that contain keywords in Product Item Name.

4. Fill in SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) with a unique code for your product – without any spacing.

5. Enter Price for your product.

6. Enter product Weightdo include packaging weight for shipping calculation.

7. Enter Stock Quantity. If you were to leave this field blank, Add To Cart button will be hidden on your website.



8. Enter Keywords, phrases that your customers are likely to search in Search Engine. For instance, wireless mouse, cordless mouse, wireless mouse review, cordless mouse comparison, rechargeable wireless mouse.

9. Enter Short Description. Try to describe your product in less than 20 words. This description will show on category page as well as the search engine results page.



10. Enter Long Description. Describe your product in more details with keywords and highlight your unique selling point to help customer make purchase decisions. You can add hyperlink, images, tables, YouTube videos or even PowerPoint slides.



11. Upload Image for your product. Make sure your image file not more than 1.3MB.

12. Click Save.