Products such as smartphones comes in different colours. You can create an option for customers to choose their colours before they checkout. To do that:


  1. Go to Product.
  2. Click on Manage Product Options.
  3. Under Manage Product Option, click on Create New Option.
  4. Under Option Name, enter your option name in Option Name.
  5. Choose your Option Type on how you want the options to be displayed in your website either in list, text, date or numeric.
  6. Choose your display type in Display as field.
  7. Under Attributes, fill in the Attribute Name & Description, Code*, Weight and Insert Image.
  8. *Code is compulsary.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Next, you will have to assign the product options to your product item. Click on your product item on your left bar.
  11. Under View Product Item, click on Options and then click on Manage Products.
  12. Click on Product Options.
  13. Click Add New Option.
  14. Select your Product Option from the drop down list to assign the product option to your product item.
  15. Check the Required checkbox.
  16. Check the Attributes that you wish to assign to your product item.
  17. Click Save.