So, what is a static page? A static page is a webpage where its contents are constant or unchanged. You will need static pages like About Us, Contact Us, Return & Refund Policy, Shipping Policy and etc in order for your website to be more trustworthy. Your customers will want to know these information before they actually buy from you.


1. Go to your webShaper store control panel.

2. Click Design.

3. Click Static Pages.

4. Click Create.



5. On the Link, insert your page name. Put ( _ ) between words. Eg: Delivery_Policy

6. Enter your Title.

7. Enter your Description.



8. Enter your Keywords about this page.  Its a word or group of words that makes a phrase that is being typed by the person in search box of the search engine.

Eg: Delivery Policy, About Us, Terms & Condition


9. Priority section is to tell Search Engine how important is this page among all pages on your site.

Note that :

0.0 –> Lowest priority

1.0 –> Highest Priority


10. Tick those button on the Shows section:

  • Header
  • Foooter
  • Leftbar


11. On the Content section, you can enter your text or image content. You can also copy & paste from Notepad and edit it there.

12. Click Save.

13. Click OK.

14. Then you can click the link to preview the static page (Delivery Policy).



15. Your static page is created successfully.

16. Now you have to create the hyperlink for your static page for footer and header file.

You can click to the link below to see the tutorials: