To create custom fields (non-standard field) for products:


  1. Go to Product.
  2. Click on Manage Custom Fields.
  3. Under New Custom Field Details, enter your custom field in Name and click Add New.
  4. Once the field that you have just added appear under Current Custom Field, you can edit the custom field value by clicking on Edit Value List under Action.
  5. Click Add New.
  6. Once you have completed creating your custom fields, you will need to assign them to your products. To do that, go to Product, click on your product item in the left bar.
  7. Under View Product Item, click on Options and then click on Manage Products.
  8. Click on Custom Search Fields to edit the custom fields created.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You can edit the order sequence too so that the custom fields created are displayed in a way that you like. Go to Product.
  11. Click on Products.
  12. Click Manage Custom Fields.
  13. Under Current Custom Fields, change the Order value.
  14. Click Update.