To bulk import your product price for marketplaces (Tier 3 Pricing), you can follow the steps below:


1. Go to your webShaper store control panel.

2. Go to Marketing > Marketplace > Pricing > Bulk Import Price.



3. To import your prices, click on the sample format link to see the example.



4. Open the example file – importPriceSample.csv.

5. Inside the .CSV file, just insert product SKU, which Marketplace your product belongs to, Price and Discount.

6. Edit your Price and Discount (if needed).

7. Save the file in .CSV format.



Note: If you wish to reset level 3 pricing to webShaper store pricing, please put the dash (– symbol) in the price column of the product that you want to reset, and blank on discount column.


8. Go back to webShaper control panel and click Import.

9. Click Choose File to choose the .CSV file from your desktop, and click Upload.



10. Now your file is successfully uploaded into webShaper with the updated price.