When you inform us that you would like to change your store’s current template design to a new template, there are certain steps both you and our design team have to take:

Do we have a problem in changing the template?

Absolutely not, we are happy to change your design to what you feel is best for your business. You can change your design template once a year, free of cost. Extra changes on the template itself are subject to extra cost.

What to do before you ask for a design change?

1.  Before you change the template, you might be need to do some backup.

  • Widgets you may have added.
  • Extra things on your homepage.
  • Any information you would like to save.

2.  You will need to prepare the Slideshow Banner and other banners depending on the template you have chosen:

  • For example, a slideshow banner dimension for the AppleTree would be: 1920px (width) and 700px (height)
  • Other banners on the homepage, you can visit our tutorial page here to check out more.

Other things to Note:

  • We’ll be turning your store off before we change the template design for you. The duration for the store to be shut down is 2-3 hours, this is to ensure that we return you a working store.
  • Changing your template design takes up to 2 working days after you confirm with us.
  • sohoStore and miniStore user can only choose template designs from limited designs, click the link to see.
  • bizStore user have the choice to pick any of the template designs we offer.
    More bizStore designs are available here.