When you inform us that you would like to change your store’s current template design to a new template, there are certain steps both you and our design team have to take:

Do we have a problem in changing the template?

Absolutely not, we are happy to change your design to what you feel is best for your business. You can change your design template once a year, free of cost. Extra changes on the template itself are subject to extra cost.

What to do before you ask for a design change?

1.  Before you change the template, you might be need to do some backup.

  • Widgets you may have added.
  • Extra things on your homepage.
  • Any information you would like to save.

2.  You will need to prepare the Slideshow Banner and other banners depending on the template you have chosen:

  • For example, a slideshow banner dimension for the Swank template would be: 1930(px) width and 773(px) height
  • Other banners on the homepage, you can ask us dimensions, by emailing at support@webshaper.com

Other things to Note:

  • We’ll be turning your store off before we change the template design for you. The duration for the store to be shut down is 2-3 hours, this is to ensure that we return you a working store.
  • Changing your template design takes up to 2 working days after you confirm with us.
  • Soho and Mini Store users can only choose template designs from limited designs, follow the link to see, whereas, Biz Store users have the choice to pick any of the template designs we offer. More biz Store designs are available here.