This tutorial will teach you how to create sub Products with One product Option. This will help you manage your sub products and your options for your products in a more effective manner.


Please note, that before you have created your sub product, you must create a product option. Follow this link, to learn how.


To Add sub products with one option and how to set them up, follow the following steps.

1.  Go to Product.
2.  Click Products.
3. On the Left Bar, select the Product you would like to add a Sub-product to.




4. You can now see the product page. On the drop down menu, click Options and select Manage Products.




5. Select Products Options

6. Click Add New Option




7. You can now add the product option accordingly. Click Save after adding your desired option.




8. Your product option has now been created. Click Done to proceed.




9. Under Select Products Options you can now select your desired option.

10. Save. your Settings.




11. You can now create sub products with options. Click Create Sub Products and add Product Options.




12. Make sure your Save your sub-products.




13. Click Done.




14. Click Product Options. You should now see your sub-products with their corresponding options. You can also edit their settings here.




15. Click View Product Item. You should be able to see your sub-products with their corresponding options now.