We understand that merchants always have problems with consignment notes when it comes to shipping. But don’t worry! There are easier way to print consignment note of your preferred courier service providers (Poslaju, Citylink, Skynet, Fedex, UPS, DHL & etc). Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Define Shipping Label Template

Before you print the consignment, you will need to edit your consignment note.

1. Go to Orders.

2. Click on Shipping Label Editor.

3. Choose a template or you can also click on Add to add a new template.

4. In the “Template Settings“, you can edit the following fields below:

i. Template Name.

ii. Shipping Option.

iii. Width.

iv. Height.

v. Insert the consignment note.

5. After inserting the consignment note, click on Emulator to adjust the position of the consignment note labels.

Step 2: Edit via Ship Label Emulator for Label

In this page, you can just drag and drop the labels to the correct position in the consignment note. Lastly, click the Save button and close this tab.

1. You can refer below images on the drag & drop simulation:

i. Choose additional information that you want to insert such as Company Website to be drag & drop on the consignment note.



ii. Drag & Drop the details to the form.

iii. Click Save icon.



2. After that, you have to tick and untick for labels you use and labels you don’t. Click on icon to change tick and cross. To make it tick from non (-), click on Configure and specify font and size. Cross will appear, then click on it to change it to tick. Please untick every labels you don’t use, to reduce chances of wrong printing.




Tips: For small printer user (8-9 inches).
i. 8 inches, when printing Poslaju consignment note, reduce number in From Left (cm) column by 0.5 to avoid alignment issue.
ii. 9 inches, when printing consignment note bigger than 9 inches, reduce number in From Left (cm) column by 0.3 to avoid alignment issue.

Step 3: Print Consignment Notes for Your Order

Now, you’re ready to print consignment notes for your orders. Kindly follow the steps below:

1. Go to Orders.

2. Click on View Order.

3. Filter your order first by using the search function. In the second columns, choose “Shipping Method” .

4. In the first column, select the shipping, for example: “Poslaju Malaysia (less than 2kg), which is the shipping option that you have chosen in Step 1, point 4.

5. Then, click on Search button.

6. Now, you can tick on the orders that you want, then click on Print Shipping Label from Template.

7. Lastly, choose template you create on step 1 to download your consignment note as .pdf file.