1. Open your webShaper store control panel.

2. Go to Design > Static Pages.

3. Choose your web homepage or other static page, where the image is located.

4. Click Edit.



5. Inside Edit Static Page, go to Content. Choose the image that you want to replace.

6. Click that image once to make sure it is highlighted.

7. Right click on the highlighted image.

8. Click Image.



9. Click the Search Folder icon.



10. After that, it will direct you to Image Manager file. We advise you not to go straight to the Upload Images button so that the image you add later on will be still on the same folder.

11. Click on the Create Folder button.



12.  Insert your New Folder Name. 
You can use “” or “_”  in your Folder Name, but the Name must not contains blank spacing.  Eg, Category_A ,
CategoryA, or Category-A
13. Click OK.



14. Click OK again.



15. Now you are going to upload the image by clicking Upload Images button.



16. Click Choose File button and search your image inside your computer.

17. Click Upload.



18. After you have successfully upload the image, tick on the image.



19. Click Insert.

20. Click Ok button.



21. Click Save.



22. Click OK.



23. Refresh your site and you able to see the new image that have been replaced.