As a merchant it is important for you to keep updating your customers about their order status.

And the best way to do so is via SMS.

webShaper is giving you a new SMS service provider (GO!SMS) to make this process easier for you!



Here are the steps to activate this GO!SMS in webShaper:

1. Click on Customers.

2. Click on SMS.

*Note: You will see two SMS services provided by webShaper. It is important for you to know that you can activate only one or deactivate both, but you can never activate both Twilio and GO!SMS.

3. Select Activate on Action column for GO!SMS.



4. Fill in all details to activate GO!SMS Account such as Company ID, Company User, Password, Confirm Password, Sender ID, SMS MNC Gateway, Message Type and Merchant’s Mobile Number.

5. Make sure you click on Yes to activate this gateway.

6. As for “Alert me via SMS when:” & “Alert customer via SMS when:” section, it is up to you to choose Yes or No. Fill in all the requirements before clicking on save button.

  • New Customer Registered: When new customer register an account with merchant.
  • New Pending Order: When customer payment is not received, or insufficient stock order.
  • Payment Received: When customer payment received.
  • Product Needs Reorder: When merchant need to reorder product because of insufficient stock.
  • Product is Suspended: When merchant product stock is only 1 left. (webShaper automatically suspend product when the stock is only 1 left)
  • Product is Out of Stock: When merchant product is out of stock.
  • Order is Cancelled: When order is cancelled by merchant.
  • Order is Processed: When payment order is received and there is sufficient stock for this order.
  • Order is Shipped: When order is shipped to customer.

7. Click on Save.



8. Below is an example of SMS text you should see (The message to your number has been sent). Also, you should receive the same text message you typed on your phone shortly after that.



9. To learn on how to update order status via SMS, go to Orders. You can see a list of the orders that have been made through your store. From there next to any specific order you want, click on View.




10. Go to Edit, click on Update order status from the drop down menu. You can tick the box where it says : Send order shipped e-mail/SMS.. in order to inform your client that his/her order has been shipped. Or, you can click on Cancel order if you want to cancel this specific order and it will automatically send a cancellation SMS to the client.