The new product image gallery now allow drag and drop – so, you will just have to drag and drop your images here and the system will automatically resize your images. But before you upload the images,  you will have to set the image sizes:


  1. Click on Image Settings.
  2. If you are using a responsive design, you can follow this image size guide:  image_settings
  3. Once you have set the image sizes, you will only have to upload large images (600 px or more for width) and the system will auto resize the the images to small, normal and large according to your image settings.
  4. Click Save.


If you would like to edit your product images:


  1. Click on the product item (eg: Collegiate Tee) that you would like to change its image.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Click on Gallery. edit_image
  4. Drag and drop your images into the image gallery.
  5. Click Upload Files.



  • It is advisable that all your product images share the same height for small images and same width for all normal and large images.
  • To get a better picture of what a small, normal and large image is, refer to the images below (based on Dusk template):



Small Image




Normal Image



Large Image