In this tutorial we assume that you already have a slideshow image that fit for your template’s slideshow.
If you do not know slideshow size for your template, you can find out in the slideshow dimension tutorial.


Let’s start with uploading image.


1. Go to Design

2. Click on Slideshow Editor

3. Click on Choose file, then select your slideshow image

4. Click Upload


Up to this step, your new slideshow is uploaded. (No save button required)
You can go to your website to see it displays. (Don’t forget to refresh your page)


Note :
– Sensitive image name may caused an error e.g. plus symbol (+)
– Try to press (Ctrl + Shift + R) on your store if the new slideshow does not display




Next thing to do is setting destination page. If you do not set this, the slideshow will lead to categories/products page. (you can skip this if you want to land on categories page)


1. Go to the page you want the slideshow to lead to

2. Copy the URL

3. Paste the URL in Image Link box






We suggest you to put caption in your image during designing process.
So that, you can easily put your caption anywhere you like and hand-free from code.




If you want to go a little advance, you can add a button by using this pre-set tag and follow instructions below.


<p><a href=../../categories/>Shop Now</a></p>


1. Copy and Past it in Source Code

2. Change the word “Shop Now” to any word you like to display

3. Change the destination page by putting URL link in between quotation marks (“URL”)

4. Click Ok

5. Click Save


sourcecode   save


And now your new slideshow is ready.
Below is an example of a new slideshow displays on website with caption and button.