It is important to setup your inventory to prevent your customers from buying products that are out of stocks. To setup inventory:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Inventory.
  3. Under Manage Default Inventory Settings, fill in Reorder Level. webShaper system will alert you in the dashboard and send you an email notification if your stock inventory drops to the level that you have preset.
  4. Under Manage Default Inventory Settings, fill in Suspend Level to show Out of Stock message when stock inventory drops to this level. Once inventory drops to this level, Add To Cart button will be hidden to prevent any further purchase.
  5. Tick the appropriate checkboxes:

    Allow Back Order: Always show Stock Available message to customer regardless of your actual stock level.

    Allow Pre-Order: Always show Pre-Order message and allow customer to place an early order even though you do not have the stock at the moment.

    Ignore Stock: You should check this option if you are selling non-physical products such as services, e-books, classes and etc.

    Enable Stock Holding: You should check this option if you would like to allow your customers to hold the stock while their payment is in pending status.

  6. Click Save.


Note: The inventory settings above applies to all your store products. However, you can also choose to set a different inventory setting for an individual product.


To setup inventory for individual product:


  1. Go to Product.
  2. Click on the product item on the left bar that you wish to edit.
  3. Under View Product Item, click on Options and then click on Manage Products.
  4. Click on Stock and you should be able to set a different inventory settings here.
  5. Click Save.