These are the 2 values you need to submit to MOLPay during application.
To set the Return URL and callback URL,  login to your MOLPay Control Panel and go to your Merchant Profile. Add the following line into Return URL and callback URL field on your merchant profile and save the changes.


1. Return URL (Notification URL will be the same too)



2. Callback URL:

Make sure you tick (Yes) for:

  • Enable Return URL with IPN
  • Enable Notification URL with IPN
  • Enable Callback URL with IPN


3. Click Update.



What are the Return URL and Callback URL for MOLPay?

Return URL – Direct them back to the store from MOLPay website after payment made. This is to notify the store about their payment.


Callback URL – Any defer update will send back to the webShaper store to update their order status. (defer update happens due to internet connection slow at their site, or slow processing update between MOLPay and bank payment gateway).