Let’s get started!

This option will allow you to sell your products through your webStore and Lazada marketplace! Please follow the step by step instructions. This feature is only available for webShaper sohoStore or bizStore users, who are also Lazada sellers.

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Step 1: Obtaining the API from your Lazada Account
Step 2: Mapping your webShaper categories to Lazada categories
Step 3: Mapping your webShaper Manufacturers (Brands) with Lazada Brands
Step 4: Extra Optional Fields
Step 5: Syncing Your Product Items
Check Lazada Orders in webShaper Control Panel
Order Status
Check webShaper’s Lazada Sync Log
Understanding Possible Errors
Important Tips


Step 1: Obtaining the API from your Lazada Account

  1. First, we need to get the API from your Lazada seller account. Follow this tutorial
  2. Login to your webShaper control panel. Go to Marketing  > Marketplace.  Hover over the Lazada tab and choose  Manage Settings. Please fill the all the information.

  3. The Lazada ID, and the Lazada API Key are the information you retrieved in the earlier steps. The Lazada ID will be your Email.
  4. Sync Inventory + Orders from Lazada: Inventory will be sync in between webShaper and Lazada, and each Lazada order details will be pulled back.
  5. Difference in Price (Universal Price Changer): indicates the price you can add to your items; the number added can be a positive or negative integer. For example, if your product is selling at RM10, and you place a 5 in this field, your item will be sold at RM15 in Lazada. Consequently, if you place a -5 in this field, your item will be sold at RM5 in Lazada. This configuration applies to ALL the products you sync to Lazada. This feature is available to both sohoStore and bizStore
  6. Price Mode: Can either be set to Percentage (%) or Flat Price.
  7. Please tick on Enable Lazada and click on Save. 


Step 2: Mapping your webShaper categories to Lazada categories

Before starting to map your product category, please make sure that your have fill in the Package Dimension.

  1. Click on Products, select your item, and then go to Options. 
  2. Click on Manage Products, then select Shipping. 
  3. Make sure you fill in the Package Dimension. These fields cannot be left as blank or else it won’t be sync to Lazada successfully.

After that, you can start mapping your webShaper categories to the Lazada categories.

  1. Go to Marketing > Marketplace.
  2. Under the Lazada tab on the left hand side, select Category Mapping.
  3. Click on the Grey colored Lazada Icon, a window will appear prompting you to choose the Lazada categories.
  4. Select the Lazada Category that most related to your webShaper store category. (Choose the categories until you reach the end of the category selections.)
  5. After mapping, click on Save. If successful, a Category Saved message will appear and the Colored Lazada Icon will show.lazadamp


Step 3: Mapping your webShaper Manufacturers (Brands) with Lazada Brands 

This step is designed to map webShaper Manufacturers (Brands) with Lazada Brands.

  1. First, you must create your Manufacturers before proceeding. Please follow this tutorial.
  2. Go to Marketing > Marketplace.
  3. Under the Lazada tab on the left hand side, select Brands Mapping.
  4. Click on the Update Lazada Brands tab (it will pull most updated information on ALL Lazada Brands)
  5. Then click on the Grey colored Lazada icon, a window will appear prompting you to search for your Lazada brands.
  6. Remember to click Save when you’re done.



Step 4: Extra Optional Fields

You can set extra options required such as

  1. Warranty Type
  2. Warranty Period.

Every products listed in Lazada requires you to fill up the warranty details. In webShaper, you can create a master template for the warranty details and it will become the default values for every products that you select to sync to Lazada.

What if you want to change the warranty details for a specific products? You can easily do that later at Sync Product, where you can update new warranty details just for that product.



Step 5: Syncing Your Product Items

This step will allow you to sync your products with webShaper to Lazada. We empowered you to choose which products you want to Sync over!

  1. Go to Marketing Marketplace.
  2. Under the Lazada tab select Sync Product Items.
  3. Click on the Add button, this will prompt a window with the following options:
    1. Custom: Allows you to search for the product using the Item Name or SKU.
    2. All Products: Pushes all products in webShaper stores to Lazada.
    3. Products in Mapped Categories: Automatically adds the items in the categories that you have mapped (Recommended)
  4. If you Remove a product from this section, please note that the item will not be deleted from Lazada, it will only be un-synced from the product item; Re-adding the same item again might cause the item to be duplicated.lazada-sync-products
  5. The screen consists of 6 columns:
    1. Product Item Name:  The name of your product.
    2. SKU: Your Unique Product ID (SKU is known as Stock Keeping Unit)
    3. Last Synced: Shows the date and time of the last successful synced.
    4. Mapped to: Shows where this product is mapped to (the Lazada category)
    5. Status: 100% means successful sync. If any errors, click on the status icon for error messages.
    6. Options: This is where you can
      1. Customize Name / Description: You can put different name and description for Lazada.
      2. Options: You can set different product option (eg Warranty Type & Warranty Period)
      3. Price (bizStore only): You can set different pricing for Lazada on the Product / SKU level.  If you apply discount. the price after discount will be shown in Lazada as Sale Price.
      4. Select Images: You can set different Product Images to Sync.
      5. Product Spec: Certain Lazada categories will requires different product information. webShaper will detect automatically and let you fill in the necessary column required. However, as of now, the value filled must be the same as Lazada’s value.lazada-products-specification-spec
      6. Push Images: Allows you to repush just images if the images sync was not successful initially.


Check Lazada Orders in webShaper Control Panel

Once an order is received from Lazada, the order will be stated as Processed, and stocks will be deducted from webShaper and gets updated in Lazada too.  Once the order is being processed, you can proceed to make shipping changes from the webShaper control panel.

  1. Go to Orders View Orders.
  2. Select the order that you would like to update and click on View.
  3. Orders with the status Processed (indicate that a payment has been made), will have an additional Marketplace tab when viewed.
  4. Click on the tab, you can choose to update the Lazada Order Status:
    1. From Pending to Ready To Ship
    2. From Ready To Ship to Shipped
  5. You can also Get Lazada Documents, mainly Invoice and also Shipping Labels from Lazada, which you can print within webShaper.lazada-update-order-status
  6. If you select Lazada Get Documents, you can see a windows letting you select which documents to download for that order. The 2 common used for Lazada Order Processing now are
    1. Invoice – 1 copy
    2. Shipping Label – 4 copies (Merchant Copy, Billing Copy, POD Copy and Receiver Copy)PS: Please ignore Shipping Parcel, Carrier Manifest and Serial Number as not applicable for time being.lazada-get-documents
      Eg of Lazada Invoice 


      Eg of Lazada Shipping Labels



  1. Click on Marketplaces and choose:
    1.  Lazada: Update Order’s to ready_to_ship. Fill in all the details.lazadaorts
    2. Then select Lazada: Update Order’s to Shipped. Fill in all the details.
    3. Once these steps are completed, an email notification from Lazada will be sent to your customers.


IMPORTANT: Order Status Mapping of Lazada and webShaper

  • Lazada Order Pending = webShaper Order Processed.
  • Lazada Order Ready to Ship = webShaper Order Processed.
  • Lazada Order Shipped = webShaper Order Shipped.
  • Lazada Order Delivered = webShaper Order Shipped.
  • Lazada Order Returned = webShaper Order Cancelled.
  • Lazada Order Failed = webShaper Order Cancelled.
  • Lazada Order Cancelled = webShaper Order Cancelled.


Check webShaper’s Lazada Sync Log

The logs hold a list of your pushed products, pushed images and inventory. You can keep an eye on all the details from product SKU, upload time and actions to error messages.

  1. Go to Marketing and click on Marketplace.
  2. Under the Lazada tab select Lazada’s Logs.
  3. Select the log you wish to view, and a prompt window will appear providing you will with all the information.

Understanding Possible Errors While Syncing Your Product Items

Error MessageExplanation
E005: Invalid Request FormatInvalid Data, this usually when the long description you have added has invalid HTML tags. Call support for further help.
Negative value is not allowedProducts with negative stock quantity cannot be pushed.
You already have another product with the SKU …The SKU of the product already exists in Lazada whether deleted or available. To solve this, you are required to update the item's SKU.
E007: Login failed. Signature mismatchingThe Username and/or Key you have entered is invalid.
Primary category must be on a lower levelThe product's category isn’t mapped to the last category's level in Lazada. If the category is mapped to the last level then Lazada has updated their category tree. In this case, kindly contact support for further aid.
Lazada: Field MaxDeliveryTime, MinDeliveryTime The delivery time is not part of the attributes set by Lazada for the respective category. To solve this, click on options and untick enable shipping.

If the error message is not listed here. Please contact the support team at support@webshaper.com.

Important Tips

  1. After you sync your products, keep an eye for any error messages (Red Flag or ! ) in the status column. The message tell a certain error that stop the product from syncing properly. Clicking on the message will show you how to fix the error.
  2. A red flag means something has gone wrong during the Sync. Click on it to see the error message from Lazada. Resolve it or contact our friendly customer service at support@webshaper.com.  For any issues that relates to Lazada, you can contact them here.
  3. It takes an interval of 5 minutes for a product to be pushed (First time added only).
  4. Subsequent changes to product information, you will have to select the product, click on re-sync to be manually pushed over.