Let’s get Started!

This option will allow you to sell your products through your webStore and PrestoMall marketplace! Please follow the step by step instructions. This feature is only available for sohoStore or bizStore users, who are also PrestoMall sellers.

Step 1: Obtaining the API from your PrestoMall Account
Step 2: Mapping your webShaper Categories to PrestoMall Categories
Step 3: Extra Required Options  (Shipping Configuration)
Step 4: Syncing Your Product Items
Check PrestoMall Orders in webShaper Control Panel
Check webShaper’s PrestoMall Sync Log
Understanding Possible Errors
Important Tips

Step 1: Obtaining the API from your PrestoMall account

1. First, we need to get the API from your PrestoMall seller account. Follow this tutorial here.

2. Login to your webShaper control panel. Go to Marketing > Marketplace.  Hover over the PrestoMall tab and choose Manage SettingsPlease fill the all the information.


3. The Authorization key is the API Key.

4. Manage Stock gives you 2 options:

5. Do not sync inventory: Inventory will not be sync in between webShaper and PrestoMall.

6. Sync Inventory + Order: Inventory will be sync in between webShaper and PrestoMall, and PrestoMall order details will be pulled back.

7. Difference in Price (Universal Price Changer) indicates the price you can add to your items; the number added can be a positive or negative integer. For example, if your product is selling at RM10, and you place a 5 in this field, your item will be sold at RM15 in PrestoMall. Consequently, if you place a -5 in this field, your item will be sold at RM5 in PrestoMall. This configuration applies to ALL the products you sync to PrestoMall.

8. Price Mode can either be set to Percentage (%) or Flat Price.

9. Please tick on Enable PrestoMall and click on Save.

Step 2: Mapping your webShaper categories to PrestoMall categories

The PrestoMall category mapping helps map webShaper categories to default PrestoMall categories.

1. Go to Marketing Marketplace.

2. Under the PrestoMall tab on the left hand side, select Category Mapping.

3. Click on the Grey colored PrestoMall icon, a window will appear prompting you to choose the PrestoMall categories.

4. Select the PrestoMall Category that most related to your webShaper store category. (Choose the categories until you reach the end of the category selections.)

5. After mapping, click on save. If successful, a Category Saved message will appear and the Colored PrestoMall icon will show.



Step 3: Extra Required Options (Shipping Configuration)

Now that your have mapped your webShaper category to PrestoMall category, you can set the shipping and item policies.

1. Go to Marketing Marketplace.

2. Under the PrestoMall tab, select Extra Required Options. You’ll notice that this page is divided into three sections:

i. Shipping Options

ii. Item Options

iii. Item Policies





Shipping Options

3. For the Shipping Method, you can either choose Direct Delivery or Courier Method.

For Shipping Rate, you can choose:

i. Free Shipping:  no charges will be applied.

ii. Bundle Shipping Rate: This option must be set in your PrestoMall account first. Bundle shipping rates are applied based on the combined weights for multiple purchases with the same shipping condition.(Same shipping condition: Same ship-from address + Same shipping method + Bundle shipping rates) Set the shipping rates in the way that it can benefit buyers making multiple purchases from you.

iii. Shipping Rate by Product:  This let you set the shipping fee based on the weight of the products.




4. If you choose Shipping Rate by Product, an extra shipping promotion option appears with the following options:

i. Not Used: No promotions applied.

ii. Discount of Condition: This is a discount applied to the total amount of the purchases.


iii. Free of Condition: This allows free shipping for purchases. foc

Item Options

None Taxable Items: Select Zero Rate or Exempted.

Item Policies

Please fill in the after After Sales Service and Return/Exchange details policy of your business. Please note, each column allows up to a maximum of 4,000 characters only.

Step 4: Syncing Your Product Items

This step will allow you to sync your items with webShaper. We empowered you to choose which products you want to Sync over!

1. Go to Marketing > Marketplace.

2. Under the PrestoMall tab select Sync Product Items.

3. Click on the Add button, this will prompt a window with the following options:

i. Custom: Allows you to search for the product using the Item Name or SKU.

ii. All Products: Pushes all products in webShaper stores to PrestoMall.

iii. Products in Mapped Categories: Automatically adds the items in the categories that you have mapped (Recommended)

4. If you Remove a product from this section, please note that the item will not be deleted from PrestoMall, it will only be un-synced from the product item; Re-adding the same item again might cause the item to be duplicated.



5. The screen consists of 6 columns:

i. Product Item Name:  The name of your product.

ii. SKU: Your Unique Product ID (SKU known as Stock Keeping Unit)

iii. Last Synced: Shows the date and time of the last successful synced.

iv. Mapped to: Shows where this product is mapped to (the PrestoMall category)

v. Status: 100% means successful sync. If any errors, click on the status icon for error messages.

vi. Options: This is where you can

  • Customize Name / Description: You can put different name and description for PrestoMall.
  • Options: You can set different product option (eg shipping options, items options or item policies)
  • Price (bizStore only): You can set different pricing for PrestoMall. If you apply discount. the red ball will be triggered too in PrestoMall.
  • Select Images: You can set different Product Images to Sync.
  • Product Spec: Not applicable for PrestoMall.

Check PrestoMall Orders in webShaper Control Panel

Once an order is received from PrestoMall, the order will be stated as Processed, and stocks will be deducted from webShaper and gets updated in PrestoMall too. Once the order is being processed, you can proceed to make shipping changes from the webShaper control panel.

1. Go to Orders View Orders.

2. Select the order that you would like to update and click on View.

3. Orders with the status Processed (indicate that a payment has been made), will have an additional marketplace tab when viewed.




4. Once View is clicked, hover over to the Marketplaces tab and select PrestoMall: Update Order’s.

5. The following window will appear, please make sure to fill ALL the details such as:

i. Shipping Provider: Choose either; Courier, Direct Shipping, Shipping Not Applicable or No Shipping

ii. Shipped via (shipping method): Choose your Shipping Company

iii. Date Shipped: The day your order was shipped

iv. Tracking Number: Order’s tracking number.



6. Please note that these changes (shipped and processed) along with the tracking number will be updated to PrestoMall as well.

7. Tick on Update order in PrestoMall.

8. Click Ship Order.

9. Now your order status with PrestoMall is updated.

Check webshaper’s PrestoMall Sync Log

The logs hold a list of status of your sync products and is mainly used for our troubleshooting purposes.

1. Go to Marketing Marketplace.

2. Under the PrestoMall tab select PrestoMall Logs.

3. Select the log you wish to view, and a prompt window will appear providing you will with all the information.

Understanding Possible Errors

Error MessageExplanation
Product registration failed - (Returns/Exchange Information is required)Please fill the Return/Exchange box in "Extra Required Options" page.
Product registration failed - (Please set the Bundle shipping fee)Please set the the bundle shipping rate in 11street or in Webshaper. To add shipping rate in webshaper, Go to the "Extra Required Options" page and select choose Shipping Rate by Product. Fill in the boxes for West Malaysia, Sabah Labuan, Sarawak.
Product registration failed - (Relevant category is not the last category)The mapped category isn't on the last level of the chosen category.
Product registration failed - (The weight of general products should be above 0)Products with 0 weight cannot be sent.
Product registration failed - (Additional amount for an option can be set from -50% to +50% of selling price)SKU can't have price more or less than 50% of the main product. Please go to Product Page -> Manage Products -> Sub-Products and Edit the price of the products.
Product registration failed - (Error on uploading product image with OPENAPI)The images in the product has invalid characters. Please contact the support for further help.
Product registration failed - (java.lang.NumberFormatException)The issue is occuring when adding characters to input boxes, please check the "Extra Required Options" if the rate shipping boxes have characters in them.
Product registration failed - (Product Detail Description Registration Error)Product desciption exceeds 4000 character. The error is on Return exchange detail (rtngExchDetail).
Modification failed : You can enter only numbers greater than 0 for option weightThe main product weight should be smaller than all of the sub's weights.
Modification failed : Modification of selling price/discount by seller/shipping details for Shocking deals products is not allowed.this product is in shocking deals section in 11street and merchants are not allowed to manipulate the price until it is off the list.
Product registration failedskt.tmall.common.TmallException: Products in the process of generating an image file error occurred.Invalid picture format.
Product registration failedDetail Description is required.Long description is required. Please fill in the product long description.
Product registration failedskt.tmall.common.TmallException: Products in the process of generating an image file error occurred.Failed to convert image. Resync the item should solve this.
Product registration failedAdditional amount for an option can be set from -80% to +80% of selling price.Product Pricing for option cannot be more or less than 80% of the main product price.
Sorry can't sync, Product's image is required!If the product item do not have any image. Kindly upload image. Then, click on error message to repush again.
11street: Product registration failedStock quantity is required.Check your product item stock quantity. It could not be empty or 0.
11street: Modification failed : There must be option information with RM 0
as the option price and the stock quantity being greater than 1.
One of the sub product must have same price as the main product price and the stock quantity must be greater than 0.

If the error message is not listed here. Please contact the support team at support@webshaper.com.

Important Tips

1. After you sync your products, keep an eye for any error messages (Red Flag) in the status column. The message tell a certain error that stop the product from syncing properly. Clicking on the message will show you how to fix the error.




2. A red flag means something has gone wrong during the Sync. Click on it to see the error message from PrestoMall . Resolve it or contact our friendly customer service at support@webshaper.com.

**For any issues that relates to PrestoMall , you can contact them here.

3. It takes an interval of 5 minutes for a product to be pushed (First time added only).

4. Subsequent changes to product information, you will have to select the product, click on re-sync to be manually pushed over.