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How to Create Free Shipping for West Malaysia?

1. Create TWO zones with West Malaysia and East Malaysia. You can refer to the tutorial link here, to Set Shipping Zone Grouping (Local Zone).     2. Create TWO shipping options with West Malaysia and East Malaysia. You can refer to the tutorial link here, to Set Up Custom Shipping Option.     3. Refer […]

How to Partially Ship your products?

What is Partial Shipment? Let’s say a customer purchased a pre-ordered product and also a currently available product. When the available product has been shipped and the pre-order product is being waited for, the order can be set to partial shipment state.   This tutorial will teach you how to change your order status to Partially Shipped. […]

How to set up Custom Shipping Options

Before create custom shipping options, you will need to create shipping zones first. Please follow the tutorial to create shipping zones.   You can set up custom shipping as per your needs. Follow the steps to learn how.   1.  Go to Shipping. 2.  Click Manage. 3. Go to Custom Shipping Options, click Add.     4. […]

How to Print Consignment Note?

We understand that merchants always have problems with consignment notes when it comes to shipping. But don’t worry! There are easier way to print consignment note of your preferred courier service providers (Poslaju, Citylink, Skynet, Fedex, UPS, DHL & etc). Just follow the steps below: Step 1: Define Shipping Label Template Before you print the […]

How to Setup General Shipping Settings?

Go to Settings. Click on Shipping. Under Ship From Address, enter all the fields required – This is used for shipping cost calculation when customer purchase from you. You can further determine which areas are eligible for free shipping. Let’s say you would like to ship only in Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia), you will have to […]

How to Provide Free Shipping?

Go to Settings. Click on Shipping. First, you will have to determine which areas are eligible for free shipping. Let’s say you would like to ship only in Malaysia, you will have to check Domestic Orders for Products’ free shipping applies to under Other Settings . Then, click on expand and select all the states in Malaysia […]

How to Set Shipping Zone Grouping?

Choose either you want to create International or Local Zone: Create International Zone Create Local Zone Create International Zone 1. Click Shipping. 2. Click Zones. 3. Click Create International Zones.     4. Insert your shipping Zone Name (e.g. Zone 1) and Select Countries (e.g. Singapore). 5. Click Add. 6. Click Save.     7. Click […]

How to Offer Self Collect Option?

If you have multiple stores and would like to allow your customers to collect from your store instead of you delivering to them, you can create one Self Collect shipping option on your webShaper store. Set your Shipping Option Customer Self Collect at your store Set your Shipping Option on webShaper store 1. Go to […]

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