To be able to add a size chart, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Product and select Manage Size Chart. 


2. Select Create New Size Chart  and enter your details.



3. To apply the chart to your products.

i. Go to Product and select one of your categories (that are on the left side of the page).

ii. Go to Option and select Manage Batch Product Item.



iii. Select your Product Item Name.

iv. Insert your Size Chart by click on None and choose your preferable size chart.



v. Click Apply.



vi. You’ll notice that “Size Chart” is located on the menu bar.

Please select the product FIRST, then click on Size Chart and choose the chart you wish to apply.




vii. The size chart will be placed vertically in the same area as the product name, add to cart, etc on each individual page item. It will appear as a hyper link which will bring out a pop-up box displaying the size.