Make your website known to your customers, let’s start by uploading a company logo! To put up business logo:


    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Click on Company Info.
    3. Insert your company logo image in Company Logo

      Important: Before you upload your image, please resize your company logo according to the template logo’s size else it will affect your overall store layout. To check the size of the existing logo image, right click on the existing logo image and select Open image in new tab. Once the image is opened in new tab, you can check its size. If the existing image size is 220 x 40 pixels, then you will have to resize your image and make sure its height is the same – 40 pixels.

    4. Click Save.


In this tutorial we assume that you already have a slideshow image that fit for your template’s slideshow.
If you do not know slideshow size for your template, you can find out in the slideshow dimension tutorial.