You can sell worldwide and let customers choose to shop in their local currency.

To setup currency for your webShaper store:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Currency.



3. Under Manage Currency Conversion, the Base Currency is the currency that you enter in webShaper (product price, shipping rate and etc.) While Show Currency is the default currency that is displayed when customer visits your store. If your Base Currency and Show Currency is Malaysian Ringgit, then you will have to set Base to Show Rate is 1.0.

4. To add more currency for your store, edit your currency in the table below Manage Currency Conversion. Under Currency Form column, select your Currency From, select your desired currency under Currency To and enter the Conversion Rate. Make sure that your Currency From and Base Currency is of the same currency.

5. Click Add Rate.

Note: To calculate your Conversion Range, see example here to convert US Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit.

1 USD = 4.33 MYR, the conversion rate will be 1 divide by 4.33, equal to 0.23. So, your conversion rate should be 0.23.



6. Tick Shown checkbox for the currency that you have added in order for it to be displayed in your website .

7. Click Save.