1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Shipping.
  3. First, you will have to determine which areas are eligible for free shipping. Let’s say you would like to ship only in Malaysia, you will have to check Domestic Orders for Products’ free shipping applies to under Other Settings .
  4. Then, click on expand and select all the states in Malaysia and click Save.
  5. Under Other Settings, select Yes for Show free shipping message if you would like to show customers free shipping message on their View Cart page. If you do not wish to show a free shipping message then just  uncheck it.
  6. You can also enter a checkout message title and body to explain further on your shipping. For instance, ‘What’s your preferred shipping option?’ If you do not wish to display any message then just leave these areas blank.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Next, go to Shipping.
  9. You will need to make sure that the shipping options include a From (weight) = 0, To (weight) = 0 and Ship Rate MYR = 0. You will have to go to Poslaju Malaysia (less than 2kg) Action and select View to check. If you do not have rate for weight=0, you may find tutorial below on how to add weight 0 rate?
  10. Then, you will have to set free shipping on product level. Go to Product.
  11. Click on your product item and click on Options and select Manage Products.
  12. Click on Shipping.
  13. Check the Free Shipping field. The word Free Shipping will be displayed on your product page.
  14. Click Save.


How to Add Rate for Weight=0 (Free sShipping)?

1. Go to Shipping

2. Select Edit Rates on shipping option you offer free shipping



3. On last row, fill in 0 for weight and rate

4. Click on Add



5. Click on Update Rates



Note: If you want to offer free shipping on specific area, you may need to create a new shipping option for that area. Then add weight and rate 0 for that shipping option.


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