In order to start receiving payments, you will need to activate eGHL as a payment gateway option for your customers in your eGHL control panel. Before you do so, you have to make some changes to the eGHL settings.


Please follow the step by step instructions for you to activate eGHL Payment Gateway inside webShaper:

1. Go to webShaper store control panel.

2. Go to Payment.

3. Click Activate.

4. Click eGHL icon.



5. Insert your details as below:

  • Merchant-ID: Insert your Merchant-ID
  • Merchant Password: Insert your Merchant Password.
  • Merchant Name: Insert your Merchant Name.
  • Enable Live Mode: Tick “Yes” to enable live mode.
  • Currency: Select your currency which will be available to customers.

6. Click Activate.



7. Now your store is ready with eGHL payment gateway.