Stay connected with your customers! Setup WhatsApp chat button to allow your customers to directly send message to your WhatsApp. To activate your WhatsApp button, follow the steps below:


1. Go to your webShaper store.

2. Click Marketing.

3. Click Social.

4. Click WhatsApp.



5. On your WhatsApp Settings, fill in:

  • WhatsApp Phone Number: Your WhatsApp Phone Number.
  • Display on Product Page: Display WhatsApp button on Product Page. (Yes/No)
  • Display on All Pages: Display WhatsApp button on All Pages. (Yes/No)
  • Default Message: This message will be used when user clicked on All Pages WhatsApp button.
  • Enable: Enable your WhatsApp button. (Yes/No)

6. Click Save.



7. Now your WhatsApp button activated on every Product Page.

8. Click WhatsApp Us button.



9. Click Send and your customers will be directed to your WhatsApp phone number.