This feature here help you to adjust the current stock, reorder level and suspend level for each product quicker.


1. Go to your webShaper store control panel.

2. Click Product.

3. Click Inventory.

4. Click  Change Reorder Level, Suspend Level & Stock Quantity by Batch.




5. In Change Reorder Level, Suspend Level & Stock Qty (batch) section, you can:

  • Search: Find your product by inserting your product item name.
  • Stock Status: Status of your stock such as All, Out of Stock, Suspended, Needs Reorder, or In Stock.

6. Click Search.



7. After that, you can change/modify your product ReOrder Level, Suspend Level, Back Order, PreOrder, Stock Status, Stock Level and Adjust Stock.

8. If you click Adjust Stock, you also can Adjust Stock on Hand to and write Reason for Adjustment.



9. Click Close.

10. Click Update.