This is the steps to create a SEO friendly title, especially for home page in webShaper.


1. First you need to go to your store control panel.


2. Click Design.


3. Click Static Pages.


4. For the static pages, you can either Create a new page, or Delete an old page.


5. Choose title that you want, then click Edit.



6. This is where you can edit your static pages. You can see that there are Title, Description and Keywords.

  • Title: What you want to choose to appear when you hover at your URL.
  • Description: Details about your title page.
  • Keywords: Ease of finding. Example like; your product name, your store name etc.



7. Click Save.


8. Then click OK.



9. Then if you want to see the changes made, go to your store and type the link of your static page. It will be stated at the browser’s search engine. As you can see, “Vanness Tee” title appeared beside the store link.



10. It will be also applied for the description and keyword when you search inside your web browser.