Users section inside webShaper store control panel helps you to manage users who are accessible to your store.


1. Go to webShaper control panel > Users.

2. On Manage Users section, you can View, Edit & Delete Users.



3. For each user, you can:

  • Edit: Update user details.
  • View Log: View and search activity log.
  • Set Password: Reset password for user.
  • Delete: Delete user.

4. On Edit User or Create User section, you can update or create the details of the user in the form, such as Login ID, Name, Email Address, Employee and Under Group.

Note: Under Group is where you allow those user to have access or handles any section throughout the store.



5. On Activity Log section, you can Search (calendar based) and Delete Log records.



6. You can Delete Log records based on the options below:

  • After one week
  • After one month
  • All logs


7. On Set Password section, you can reset password for user.

Just enter New Password and Confirm Password to reset the password.



8. Delete User section will permanently delete the user from control panel.



9. On Timesheet section, you can see the list of user clock in and clock out time.

Note: You can see user Time In, Time Out, Employee and Total Hour.