Here are some basic steps on how you can do product checkout on your webShaper store:


1. Go to your webShaper store.

2. Surf your webShaper store and choose your product(s).



3. Choose your quantity and option (e.g. colour or size if any).

4. Click Add To Cart.



5. Click View Shopping Cart.



6. You are now on Shopping Cart page. You can check your Total Product Sub Total and apply Discount Code, if any.

7. Click Proceed To Checkout to proceed.



8. On Register/Login page, you can either:

  • Create A New Account: Checkout as a new customer.
  • Sign In: Checkout as a returning customer.

Example below are the steps you for you to create a new account.



i. Insert your Personal Information.



ii. Insert your Billing Information.



iii. Select your Payment Method and Other Information (if necessary). Click Next.



9. Select your Shipping Method. Click Next.



10. Check again your Summary page. Click Next.



11. You will be redirect to the payment section. After you have settle the payment with the selected payment gateway, your will get an email regarding your successful order.