The Bliss’s home page consists of the following sections:

Bliss’s Template slideshow located on top side on the store.

Make sure the slideshow dimension in pixel is 1920 x 800 (width x height).



This tutorial will focus on how to edit the banner section used in Bliss template as shown below.


Banner image dimension for each one of them in pixel is 159 x 100 (width x height).

Make sure to insert the right/exact dimension for both slideshow and banner images.



1. Go to Design.

2. Click on Static Pages.

3. Look for /page/index, and Click on Edit.



4. Find Content section where the banners are located.

5. Click on banner image you want to change.

6. Click on Insert/edit image.



7. Click on browse icon.



8. Insert your image to upload.

9. Click Ok. Repeat step 5 to 9 for all banner images.


Insert Link into Images

1. You can also insert link into your images so that when you click your banner image, it will redirect you to the URL.

To do that, go back to your banner image. Click on banner image you want to change.

2. Right-click at it and click Link.



3. Insert your URL.

4. Click Target and choose New Window. So when customer click the link, it will go to the new tab.

5. Click Ok.