What should you do when customer want to change product when the order is already processed? In simple word, you have to cancel the order, reset the order and change the order details.


Here is the steps on how to do that.


1. Go to Orders

2. Click on View Orders

3. Click View on order you want to make change




4. Select Edit

5. Click on Update Order Status




6. Click on Cancel Order (order status become cancelled)



7. Select Edit

8. Click on Update Order Status




9. Click on Reset Order (order status become pending)
Note: Only order with status pending can be edited




10. Select Edit

11. Click on Order Details




12. Change order details as you wish

13. Click on Recalculate

14. Click on Update Order




Note: Your order status is still pending, you have to update order status one more time.
Please refer to this tutorial if you don’t know how. How to Process Pending Orders?