The Sweethome’s home page consists of the following sections:





This tutorial will focus on how to edit the banner section used in Sweethome template as shown above.


Note: Follow image dimension shown below for the best result.




1. Go to Design.

2. Click on Static Pages.

3. Look for /index.asp?p=/static/index.html.

4. Click on Edit.




5. Click on image you want to change.

6. Click on Insert/edit image.




7. Click on browse icon.




8. Insert your image (upload may required).

9. Click on Ok (Repeat step 5 to 9 for all images).

10. Open Source code.




Important: Please save a copy of the original source code before you proceed to the next steps.


11. Find wording you want to change (press Ctrl + F and type the word into the box).

12. Change the text between <h1> and </h1> for the banner’s header.

13. Change the text between <h6> and </h6> for headers.

14. Change text between <p> and </p> for description.

15. Click Ok.

16. Click on Save.




How h1, h6 and p display