You can login to your Lelong webstore control panel to request for API if you fulfilled below 3 criterias.
– Account type is Lelong Webstore Plus
– Integrated with Netpay payment service
– Enrolled Transaction Fee / Lelong eCampaign (LEC)


1) Login to your Lelong Control Panel, click on My Store > API Setting.


2) Here you will can request or find the details of your API Key. In the column “Update Order URL“, key in URL [ ]. This value is that Lelong will be able to Push back any order to webShaper. Click on Update before moving on to the next step. Replace with your own domain.

Note: For ‘Check Inventory URL’ column, just leave it blank.



3. Go to your webShaper store, Marketing > Marketplace > Lelong > Manage Settings. Paste on Lelong ID (User ID) and Lelong Key (API Key).