For you to make your images more organized according to your preference inside the marketplace, please take note that you can push a number of images that can be up to 7 in Lazada, 12 in Lelong, 4 in 11street and 9 in Shopee.


This tutorial is only for Lazada, but please take note that this tutorial also works for all marketplaces.


1. Go to webShaper control panel. Click Marketing > Marketplace > Lazada.

2. Choose Sync Product Item.

3. Select your product item and click Option.

4. Click Select Images.



5. You will be redirected to the page where you can organize the images according to your preference.

6. Make sure you have inserted and uploaded all the images that you want before proceeding with this selection.

7. If you want to select the first image (primary image) that will appear in marketplace, click on any image that you want. Then that first selected image will be the first image to appear in the marketplace.



8. Then you want to select the 2nd, 3rd and next images, just do the same as instructed.

Just click on the images according to your preference and it will be ordered by the number sequence. Eg 1,2,3…



9. After you are done choosing (or have chosen) the image order according to its sequences, click Done.

10. Go back to your product item, choose Option. Click Push Image. Then OK.



11. Go to the marketplace (Lazada):

12. Click Product > Manage Product.

13. Insert your product Name or Seller SKU then click Search.

14. It will show you your product details. To view this, choose Actions button and click Edit details.



15. Make sure your product is correct at the SPU Information and click 4- SKU & Image.



16. Scroll down until you see Images section. In here you can see the images are nicely displayed in sequential order according to your preference.



17. To make sure the images is in sequence order in marketplace (Lazada), again go to the Product Overview page.

And click on the product item image.



18. Then you can see the images are put accordingly.