Before create custom shipping options, you will need to create shipping zones first.
Please follow the tutorial to create shipping zones.


You can set up custom shipping as per your needs. Follow the steps to learn how.


1.  Go to Shipping.

2.  Click Manage.

3. Go to Custom Shipping Options, click Add.


step 1


4. Add the details, and select the options as per your requirements.

5. Click Next.



6. Choose your shipping zone by selecting the Local Zones.

7. Click Next.



8. You are now ready to Auto Generate shipping rates.

9. Add the details to create the shipping rates.

10. Click Generate Rates.

Note: We suggest you to put the end value of the weight to 30(kg) .If you, for example make it until 10(kg), and your shipping rate is based on weight, and your customers purchase the items more than 10(kg), then during checkout, the system won’t be able detect a shipping rate and there will be no shipping option for your customer to choose from.


step 3


11. You will see a list of your rates now.

12. Scroll down and click Finish, to end the creation process.




13. Your shipping option has been created, and now can be used.