With the implementation of GST, things are changing, and we’ve decided to keep up with the change. Receipts that are now given to customers require merchants to provide a Tax ID, for each receipt printed. For all companies that collect GST, a tax ID is a compulsory  to be shown on the receipt.


To show your Tax ID on the receipt you give to your customers, we’ve come up with a couple of steps you can follow.


Step 1: Adding your Tax ID to the Receipt

1.  To find the current look for your receipt, on your Dashboard go to Orders

2.  You will find Print Editor. Click it.

3.  You will be editing the Header for your receipt here and adding your unique Tax ID. 




4.  Make sure you scroll all the way down and save the changes you have made. The system will tell you when your Configuration Settings have been saved.




Step 2: Viewing your Tax ID on the Receipt

1.  To see what your Tax ID looks like on the receipt, on your Dashboard go to Orders.

2.  Go to View Orders. Click on a receipt to view it.




3.  After you view the receipt, go to Print,

4.  A drop down menu will appear, then click, Commercial Invoice.


commercial invoice


5.  You should now see your invoice with the Tax ID on it.




Note: You can only see the Tax ID on the commercial invoice.

6. When you Print the final receipt from the options, this is the view you will see:

*NoteTax code: Z = Zero Rate & Tax code: S = Standard Rate