Before you proceed with this tutorial, make sure that you have follow the tutorial on how to simply bulk upload your products here.


1. Open your webShaper control panel.

2. Under Products, on your Dashboard, you will find Import/Export.



3. The mandatory fields to Bulk Upload Image are:

  • SKU: Your product SKU. This uniquely identifies your product.
  • Active: Your product’s status. If ‘Yes’, this product will appear on your website. If ‘No’, this product will be hidden on your website.
  • Product Picture Raw: Your Product Image that you want to insert for the product SKU.

4. Open your excel file in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx format).

E.g. If you have 5 different images of your product, please make sure SKU for every image for your product is the same.



5. Click on Import Product.



6. Click Choose File to choose file from your desktop. Make sure the file uploaded is Excel format (.xlsx)

7. Select your excel file with all the product information and select Excel for Type.

8. Choose Option either:

  • Add New Products: If you are adding in new products to your online store.
  •  Update Products: If you are updating your products. (Choose this one to bulk upload images)

9. Click Next.



10. Click Upload Images.

11. To successfully upload your images into the system, you must make sure that the field in your excel file is named correctly as productPictureRaw. A green tick will appear on the top left of your picture showing that it has been uploaded without any issues.



12. Click Next.

13. Now, your products have to now be inserted into the system. Note that your field names may not map exactly onto each other. Check to see if they correspond correctly by comparing the fields.



14. Proceed to the last step of bulk upload, click Next.

15. You are almost done! You can also check whether your products have been uploaded successfully into the system. Click on View Log/Previous File Uploaded under Import/Export. Your successfully added products will be shown to you.



Note: The webShaper system can support up to 99 products in a single upload but this is not advisable as it might slow down the bulk upload process.