In this tutorial, we combine basic tips you should know about text editor.


A) How to make a responsive table


1. Click on Table

2. Select on Insert table

3. Click on boxes to create table (boxes represent columns and rows)




4. Click on your table

5. Click on Table

6. Click on Table properties




7. Set width in percentage (%)
Note: 100% is the maximum width


8. Click Ok




9. Click on first cell of the table

10. Click on Table

11. Select Cell

12. Click on Cell properties




13. Define width in percentage (%) (repeat steps for every cell in the frist row)
Note: The sum of percentage of first row cell should be 100% even if you define table width less than 100%.






Your table is ready for you to put information in.
Note: If the first row is merged, please set cell width on second row instead


B) How to insert a blank space


1. Click on Insert

2. Select Nonbreaking space

3. Press Enter (to go to a new line)




C) How to make image responsive


1. Click on image

2. Click on Insert/edit image




3. Click on Advanced

4. In Style box, key in max-width:100%; height:auto;

5. Click on Ok





1. Click on image

2. Right click on image

2. Click on Insert link




3. Put destination page in Url box

4. Set Target


  • None: go to landing page on current tab
  • New window: open a landing page on a new tab

5. Click Ok