webShaper offers an interesting way to reward loyal customers, using a point system.


Follow the steps to learn how to reward your customers with points:

Configuring Point System
Viewing Customer Points
From Customer’s View

Configuring your Point System

1. Under Marketing.

2. Click Points.

3. Switch the configuration on.



Every time you register a new customer, they can get a point for registering.



Customers can earn points by reviewing your products. Furthermore, you can control the testimonials they write.



Note: This is just a hypothetical example, and all decisions relating to how customers get Points are up to you.

4. Save your Settings.


Viewing Customer Points

You can check how many points each customer has collected.

1. Under Customers.

2. Click Home.

3. You will see a list of customers, click view to see a Customer‘s details.




4. A pop up window will open, where you will be able to view the customers Points.




From Customer’s view

On the front end, of your store, your customers can view how many points they have:




They can use these points to check out. They will appear at the checkout page.




They can use these points as balance that you have set in your store control panel.